Better services through mathematics and science.


Software is our bread and butter, whether building from scratch or augmenting existing software with new functionality.


Let us help you design and build your next software project, small or large.


We love math and can help you use mathematical tools to solve your most challenging problems.

Computer Science

Complex problems can require sophisticated machinery to solve. That's our specialty.


Our staff cares about documentation and information, and has the skills to produce articles, white papers, and books on many technical topics.


Helping you to solve your own problems through training, workshops, and educational formats.

Upcoming Workshops

We are currently planning the following upcoming workshops. Please let us know if you are interested in any of them:


Mathgineering is a consulting firm that builds scalable, sophisticated services using modern software engineering practices, advanced computer science, and practical mathematical techniques.

Our staff has previously worked at places like Google, Simple, and the U.S. Government, and so know how to deal with projects of all shapes, sizes, and difficulty.

Open source code by our principal, Christopher Swenson, can be found at his GitHub profile. Some notable projects include


Rates are dependent upon the exact nature of the services.

Process — How We Work

We are happy to work on projects in the following languages, for software engineering work: Go, Java, Scala, Clojure, Python, C, Ruby, assembly language.

Other languages and environments are possible as well: please inquire for further details.

We offer an initial 15-minute consultation free of charge. During that initial consultation, we will discuss how best to work together and plan your project.


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